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Datance is perfect for

Organic Data Management

Explore the power of ODM, an holistic approach to data management.

Scale unlimitedly with package and modules adapted to all needs.

User Centered

Datance is the best tool to assist you in your daily data analysis tasks.


Benefit from cloud native solution fail tolerance and automated recovery.

Fully Managed

No platform administration, no development and simply no hassle required to maintain your solution.


Datance supports full integration with existing data solutions including databases, CRM, and ERP softwares.


With our intuitive and innovative tools, activate your insights in a few clicks without any need of code.


A Far Reaching Vision

Datance provides enterprises with the worlds first fully-managed, code-free, data analyst friendly data management and analytics solution. Our platform covers the entire lifecycle of data from acquisition to AI powered analytics in a user friendly, governance enabled framework. This unified framework allows for end-to-end automation, effortless troubleshooting and low to no downtime maintenance.

Not Just Better, Different

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Organic Approach For An Integral Health
As you go through digitization it doesn't really matter if you are moving fully on the cloud or if your system is still relying on on-premise solutions. What matters is that your enterprise data is seamlessly connected, managed, trusted, actioned and secured. That is the role of Datance Solutions.
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User Interface Clarity
Based on ClairUI - our proprietary UI framework - every part of the Datance user interface is designed to be not only visually clean and intuitive to all levels of users. We attach a particular attention to how visually communicative our components are. We constantly improve readability by gathering feedback from our users and exploring innovative UX design techniques.

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